DUB Show Tour in San Diego on September 26!

DUB Show Tour will be in San Diego on September 26, right near the border! Hell, just go on the 805 and drive south for a few minutes, and damn, there you go ~ the Mexican border. You could also drive a little to the east and bam, pass through the prison.

The last time I was at the Cricket Wireless Ampitheater it was at a HIN Night Shift car show. That was a few years ago! HIN needs to bring back Night Shift. That was damn nice. DUB Show Tour is nice to.

If you’re down in San Diego, you gotta check it out, tons of lowriders, modified cars, rappers, girls, hot girls, and when you mix all that together, especially at a DUB Show… well, it gets a bit crazy if you’re lucky enough to be close to some Nokturnal girls playing… around. Those Swift car club girls are pretty hot too!

Info –
Show hours : 12pm – 6pm
Located at: Cricket Wireless Amphitheater formerly Coors Aphitheater

DUB Show Car Show

car show in san diego

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