Asia Car Show Tour 2011

Here’s the deal. Late last year I was thinking of going to the Bangkok International Motorshow in April, 2011. I was planning my vacation around this car show in Thailand. Took a few months to finally decide that I was actually going to pull the trigger and go this year. Yea, my other option was to go back to the Tokyo Auto Salon, but after thinking about it a few weeks, I figured I went previously and I kept on seeing really hot images of the girls from the Bangkok car show!

As I was searching for the Bangkok International Motorshow official website, I found some trade fair sites that were showing International car shows in the same month. What did I see? The freaking Seoul Motor Show was in the same week! Hell yea. The flight I was going to take to Bangkok was going to stop over in Seoul, Korea! I figured I might as well check out the Seoul Motor Show for a couple days.

So I had it set. I’d stop at Seoul and check out the car show and then go to Bangkok to check out… another car show.

Now get this. I didn’t book my ticket yet because, I had to think about this – this is major money I’m thinking of spending just on the ticket alone. So a few days after I found out about the Seoul Motor Show, I found that the Manila Auto Show was opening its doors just after the end of the Bangkok Motorshow!

DAMN! Now there was three International car shows in Asia happening just a few days right after the other!

I rearranged my schedule multiple times. I thought about what if scenarios – if I should take 2 days in Seoul, or 3 days in Bangkok, and whatever days in Manila. Maybe if I keep on searching for additional car shows in Asia, maybe there might be more in the same time frame. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any other car shows early April. Unfortunately, Auto Shanghai opens its doors on April 20th, and that’s too late for me.

So there you go. Everything was set. First I’d check out Seoul Motor Show. Then the Bangkok International Motorshow. Finally, I’ll be going to the Manila Auto Show!

I’m going to have a few thousand pictures from these three Asian car shows alone! There will be a few weeks before I update the site with the galleries from these car shows. That’s because I’m not sure how much time I’ll have after the car shows. The last thing I’ll want to do is review the car show images when I have limited time in each country. I’ll most likely be walking around and checking out the local night scene when I’m not at the car shows! I’m still not sure if I’m going to try the food from the street vendors. The last time I did, my stomach didn’t feel right, and I wasn’t feeling that good for a few days.

Next post will be about the plane ticket booking experience!

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