Bunny Girl Picture

Hot Import Nights Los Angeles 2012

Bunny Girl Picture

You know what people say about rabbits… they multiply! What the hell man, these pictures look the same… but they’re not! Look at them closely… closer. yea. See, the pictures of the import model wearing a bunny outfit are perceptibly different. Took these pictures at Hot Import Nights that was held earlier in Los Angeles.

Still think these are slick pictures with a pretty girl, especially as she is arching her back and her face is turned around as we get a picture of her body from the back. She looks so pure! Like a pure hot model! But you know, behind that sweet looking face, there’s a rabbit on the loose! I think. I should stop personifying women, that’s just wrong. Especially when they’re cute looking bunnies…!

I wonder if this model will be appearing in any car shows in the future or will Hot Import Nights be the first and last import tuner show that she makes an appearance. Time will tell!

Bunny girl costume

Bunny girl picture

Bunny girl photo

Car show bunny girl

Sexy bunny girl

Bunny Girl picture

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