Hot Import Nights Philippines and Indonesia April 2013

What’s better than one Hot Import Nights(HIN)? Two Hot Import Nights! What’s the problem with that? One is in HIN Manila in the Philippines and the other is HIN Jogjakarta in Indonesia. There will be two days of import tuner fun this coming weekend. Nice.

HIN Indonesia

Hot Import Nights Jogjakarta

HIN Manila 2

Hot Import Nights Manila 2013

I’m not sure what hot import models will be at the Indonesia event, but HIN Manila will be importing from the US, some really hot and big name car show models from Dannie Riel, Eva Skye, Jeri Lee and Nicole Duminie. Well, I’m not sure if Nicole Duminie is an import model because I don’t remember seeing her or hearing of her in any car shows, but wow – she’s gorgeous!

Seriously, we need more 2 day events in the US! That’s what I’m thinking!

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